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Camad college is affiliated to Pokhara University with a mission to provide an educational environment that stimulates students achieve professional excellence with student-centered teaching and learning approach. We also provide extracurricular activities relevant to students’ academic program to establish direct link with the real world situation.
The Camad college provides an opportunity for students to use its network to explore their future career. We are dedicated to providing students with a sound and innovative business education that will ensure entrepreneurial and managerial success in tomorrow’s global business environment. For achieving all these, Camad has acquired very resourceful educational environment coupled with experienced and dedicated faculties.
At Camad College, all the students undergo various trainings focused to developing communication and presentation skills, and leadership qualities. We believe all prospective students have food honing their own specific talents. Our role is just to help them honing their capacities to acquire higher academic qualifications and achieve their career goals. We promise to create a powerful and safe learning environment.
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