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Sunita Dulal (Nepalese: सुनिता दुलाल) is a prominent Nepalese folk singer from Kathmandu, Nepal (born in Jalbire, Sindhulpalchok District). She has been singing Nepali folk, festive to modern songs for last ten years. Sunita Dulal is a multitalented young Nepali woman. In addition to singing, Sunita Dulal also does acting, presents program on NTV (Nepal Television, a state Television Channel), and modeling as well. Recently, she has released her 13th album "Mero Hajur" on market which reflects to be another super hit Nepalese Teej Festive album of her. Teej festival normally falls from late July to early September. Sunita Dulal has now released her this year's TEEJ Album 'NACHAU SARARA' which is her 15th Album including songs 'Teej Ko Ayo Lahara' & 'Chuppa Moi Khaula'.

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